Tuesday, January 30, 2007

oh yeah

I made this hat too. Loosely based on Fake Isle. Well I copied the idea of the Kureyon combined with a plain colour, and the chart for the crown of the head, but wasn't too keen on the main pattern so invented my own. It was supposed to be snowflakes. Then there is a small section of oops.. i appear to have some space to fill between this pattern and the top one.. i'm going to have to wing something. And I'm afraid i added a pom-pom too.

Here it is keeping my ears warm. It is reeeeally snug actually because the stranding creates a double layer, and the Kureyon is 100% woolly warmness. The cream coloured wool is some kind of alpaca based thing so nice and soft.


january hibernation

The lack of activity on my blog in recent weeks can be attributed to two principal factors.

  • Santa brought me a Nintendo Wii. I'm afraid this has been rather detrimental to my knitting productivity.

  • Over the festive period, I drunkenly dropped my camera from a great height, rendering it inoperable.

But I had a request from my niece to make her a sock for her new mobile phone. So I did. It's from leftover Opal sock wool. And I caved in and bought a new camera in the sales. Check out that macro mode!!1!!!1one

Pretty mindless to make. I knitted it in the round, on 2.5 mm needles, in k2p2 rib. Used a 3 needle cast off at the end, then turned it inside out, so it wasn't flattened.