Saturday, August 02, 2008


rubbishknitterjunior wears newborn slip-stitch hat by rubbishknitter
I know I've been a bit quiet, but I've been busy! So here are some of the things I have been making recently.

  • A son, born last Sunday

  • A slip stitch hat for newborns

The former was 8lb 12oz and quite cute.

The latter was made up out of scrap yarn during a sleepless night last week while I pondered whether I was in labour or just having indigestion (with hindsight, I suspect a combination of the two). I have never really done much with slip stitch patterns, so was quite surprised to see how it's not just the pattern but the texture that is affected - it looks kind of like ribbing. The hat's also actually been very useful. Amazingly, it fits perfectly! And newborn babies seem to be a bit rubbish at regulating body temperature, even in summer - any bits of baby that aren't under a blanket generally feel freezing. So if anyone else is interested, here is a quick attempt to write up the pattern (it was reaaaally easy, takes approx. one sleepless night to make)

Newborn slip-stitch hat

Yarn: Oddments of Rowan 4 ply cotton in leaf green and purple, scrap of Debbie Bliss Cathay in turquoise (I know, this is a slightly thicker yarn, which is a Knitting Crime, but it was the most suitable scrap yarn i could find in the cupboard at 1 am!)
Needles: 3 mm double-pointed
Size: Large-headed newborn
magic hat of sleepiness

  • Cast on 100 stitches over 3 needles, join to work in the round.

  • MC (leaf green): Do about 10 rows of k1, p1 ribbing

  • CC1 (turquoise): repeat around: [k1, sl1 purlwise]*

  • CC1 (turquoise): k

  • CC2 (purple): [k1, sl1 purlwise]*

  • CC2 (purple): k

  • MC (leaf green): [k1, sl1 purlwise]*

  • MC (leaf green): k

  • Repeat last 6 rows another 6 times (or possibly 5 would be enough if the intended recipient is blessed with a more normal head size!)

  • Start decreasing, maintaining slip stitch pattern:

  • CC1: [[k1, sl1] 4 times, k2tog]* around

  • CC1: k

  • CC2: [[k1, sl1] 3 times, k1, k2tog]* around

  • CC2: k

  • MC: [[k1, sl1] 3 times, k2tog]* around

  • MC: k

  • CC1: [[k1, sl1] 2 times, k1, k2tog]* around

  • CC1: k

  • CC2: [[k1, sl1] 2 times, k2tog]* around

  • CC2: k

  • MC: [k1, sl1, k1, k2tog]* around

  • MC: k

  • CC1: [k1, sl1, k2tog]* around

  • CC1: k

  • CC2: [k1, k2tog]* around

  • CC2: k

  • MC: [k2tog]* around

  • Break MC yarn and pull through remaining stitches. Break other yarns and weave in ends. Place on baby.


CatR said...

Happy 1 week of life on the outside RubbishKnitterJunior!

misplacedpom said...


CPAKnit said...

I found your hat and website on Ravelry. Congratulations on your new son! Enjoy.
My children are in their 20's now, but there were many a sleepless pregnant night where I passed the time knitting something for the expected one.

brittunia said...

Your finest creation yet, my Dear. Such a beautiful baby! Congratulations and hope you are having an easy time at adjusting to life as a mommy. xx

rubbishknitter said...

thanks everyone!! :)

Ona said...

Congratulations! He's a cutie, and looks great in the hat!

Toast said...

do y'know - i've never read your blog before - its really very funny