Sunday, December 09, 2007

competition crazy

So I recently won a banner compo for ravelry british knitters group... and I had almost forgotten about it when this little treat plopped through my door! How exciting! (Thanks esmerelda!)

Apparently it's Posh Yarns Lucia. I'm quite excited by this as I am not usually inclined to buy any yarn with 'posh' in the title (i'd be more attracted if the word 'cheapskate' was in the title). So it's a real treat for me! It's 30% cashmere, 70% merino... a lot more of a luxury blend than i'm accustomed to, so I don't know how long a pair of socks in these will last... maybe to be on the safe side i'll make gloves, or save the socks for when i've got my feet up on the sofa. Haven't quite decided yet. I'm looking forward to knitting with this though! The colours are gorgeous and it's reeeeaally soft.

And as if that wasn't enough competition-related jamminess for one day, I've also somehow managed to get into the final of the mochimochiland photo comp with my rainycloud! The competition is very stiff, and i'm not sure what the prize is but it's all very exciting.