Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Donkey Kong DS sock

Due to popular demand after the success of the shroom, I made another DS sock for my fella. This one has Donkey Kong's head cross-stitched on. I've never attempted embroidery before so don't laugh. But it looks a bit more blocky and pixel-like than the intarsia attempt, which i feel is more fitting with the general theme. And it was probably a little bit easier. I think. Less tangly-thready anyway, cos you can just do one colour at a time for the monkey bit.

This is the image i used for the embroidery. You could only really fit a 16 pixel wide image onto my DS-sized piece of knitting otherwise i might have gone crazy and put the whole monkey on, limbs and all. I used scrap yarn for the whole thing. The gauge of the main yarn used is somewhere between double knitting and aran weight.

How to make one, knitfaced style

  • cast on 40 stitches of background colour wool, using 4mm dpns

  • join and knit stocking stitch tube, whilst drooling in front of telly

  • when DS fits snugly in tube, do 3 needle bind off to seal one end

  • find even more scrappy bits of wool in appropriate colours

  • cross stitch piccie on, using one cross stitch across each knit stitch

  • tie off ends of embroidery wool in half-arsed knots on the other side

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