Tuesday, December 19, 2006

christmas presentfest

I've been busy as a bee making some rubbish gifts for people for chrimbo. Including biiiiig socks for my fella, and a small rupert the bear. He'll look more like him when i've finished the obligatory yellow checky scarf, honest.

Sock pattern is universal toe up sock from knitty. He likes dark boring plain socks so i made them ribbed to try and prevent myself falling asleep knitting them and accidentally poking my eye out with the needles in a freak accident. Rupert is out of the Debbie Bliss Toy Knits book. The bear looks easy cos it's so small but it was knitted in the flat and there was soooooo much fiddly sewing i got a bit scunnered by the end. He's the wee bear on the front cover without the wellies on. The little jumper is from merino wool and is so snuggly warm i am quite jealous. The middle stripy sock is one for me that i started making several millennia ago but am awaiting the post-festive season knitting lull to be able to make a friend for it.

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