Sunday, February 18, 2007

like a socks machine

Fortunately I have just finished Zelda so can spend more time with my knitting now that I know the future of Hyrule is looking rosy. So I finally finished pomatomus, in trekking xxl, that i started last summer. Phewph! About time really.
Am pretty pleased with these socks but I think to be honest these are the last pair I'm going to make out of self-striping / self-patterning yarn. Individually they are pretty but together they don't look very similar - I think my sense of mathematical orderliness would be appeased more if they looked like they matched.

To be fair it did say on the ball band to knit with 2 strands from 2 balls at the same time, which would do a good job of jumbling up all the colours i reckon. But I only bothered to read this when I got to the heel on the second sock, by which time it was rather too late. Perhaps my footwear would have benefitted from slightly more forethought and less diving straight in.

Mmm warm toes.

Need to think of something else good to do now. Cos I only have one thing on the go now - these socks. I know, more socks, not very imaginative, but I'm doing a lot of train travelling at the moment for work so they are handy to carry round...


CatR said...

Saw in the Metro paper today that some hip company is selling packs of odd socks. The Pussycat Dolls like them! So really, mismatching socks are fashionable. Your socks do look fab, though.

knitfaced said...

awww thanks missis. That's alright then! *throws out all matching socks*