Sunday, June 10, 2007

cardigan craziness

Yeah, i'm still alive, just a bit lazy. I've been mostly making this recently. It's the Elizabeth Bennet cardigan from Fitted Knits. Not really a fan of Pride and Prejudice I have to say - we did the book in school and it was alright but I generally prefer films with a lower bonnet count. However i do like this cardie very much.

A month or so ago, just after getting this book (Fitted
knits, not Pride and Prejudice) I came back from the pub and with drunken bravado ordered a load of Cascade cloud 9 from some American site where it was on spesh. The exchange rate made this sound like a not unridiculous purchase, however in the cold light of day a couple of weeks later I discovered that an extra 15 ding had been slapped on by customs and excise, and i had to settle up with the post office before they'd hand over the goods. Doh! It's soo soft and warm and snuggly though. And I love the cabley bits. I've made a couple of modifications - mostly due to some indecision on which size to make, it started off as a 36 then i decided it was too big, so it kind of morphed into a 34 after the raglan neck, then decided it was too tight, now adding a couple of extra rows into the button band :) i know, it would have been much more straightforward if i'd stuck to the pattern. But where's the fun in that?!


CatR said...

Yay for modifications! Why standard sizes go up in 2 inch increments is yet to be explained satisfactorily to me. Looking good though, and romping along - have you chosen The Buttons yet?

knitfaced said...

ooh yes! i meant to tell you about that... i got some from Irene's Sewing Box the other day! What a great shop... tiny, but full of people... feels like it has been dropped through a timewarp from 1953, full of dusty jars of buttons, british-made sewing thread and old ladies telling you conspiratorially about their least favourite dressmaking alterations. Another lady walked in and went straight into the back room and started taking off most of her clothes without drawing the curtain. While Irene sat calmly sewing on a tiny machine in the middle of the chaos. Interesting sort of place! They sell knitting needles too...