Tuesday, July 03, 2007

cardie photos

OK, so finally the cardigan is dry.. yippee! And the rain held off for long enough for us to squeeze in a quick dog-walk between thunderstorms. One plus point of the recent biblically atrocious weather in this country is that it has now become baltic enough for the new cardie to be worn. So here is some evidence of it in action... thanks to Toast for his clever photography, and the rain gods for shutting up for 5 minutes.

As I can't seem to follow any kind of instruction without a minor act of futile rebellion, I should point out that I made a couple of modifications to the pattern, as follows:

  • Couldn't decide whether to make 34 or 36 inch. So it started out as a 36 round the yoke, as i have rather big beefy shoulders. I then went down to the 34 inch size after the under-arm split, and vacillated aimlessly between both measurements for the rest of the pattern.

  • Used the same 4mm needle throughout, rather than switching to a 3.5mm needle for the button band, because, er.. i didn't have one, and was too lazy to go and buy one.

  • Widened the button band a bit, so i can continue to eat pies with reckless abandon, and breathe at the same time without fear of propelling a button across the room at high speed.

  • The cuffs. I didn't like the original cuff design, which was so flouncy as to make Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen's shirts look tastefully understated. So after row 65 of the sleeve cable chart, I switched to the chart for the body and did rows 32 to 36. I finished the sleeve by repeating the section at the top of the sleeve cable chart: purl 1 row, knit 2 rows, purl 1 row, ..., knit 1 row, purl 1 row. Then I cast off. This gives a much gentler and less ostentatious flare that you are less likely to accidentally dip in your curry.

ruuun! before that cloud opens!!


Robin said...

I really like your modifications. I also am a 34 but with "beefy shoulders" (and upper arms) so I could relate to your changes. Very witty, funny post! I've added you to my blogroll.

Jillian said...

This cardigan looks great on you and I love the bright yellow against the grey sky! I have Fitted Knits but have yet to make anything from it. I'm going to have another look at this pattern tonight. Thanks for including your mods!

Bobbi said...

wow that looks great! I love the color and modifications, its looks amazing on your!

Mandella said...

I hadn't even thought about that book until I saw your cardigan. It's lovely and really suits you.

knitfaced said...

Cor. Thanks everyone! you're all very kind :)

Maxmom said...

Love that. Funny when I looked at Fitted Knits in the store I wasn't that thrilled with the patterns. But now that I've seen a few (like yours) worked up, I think I may have to purchase it.

Lovely color too!

amanda said...

Beautiful! What a great color and i LOVE those buttons.

Susan said...

I am in love w/your sweater!

I like yours more than the book. The color and fit are so fabulous. Fantastic work!

and beautifully photographed as well!

~ Susan ~

Michelle B said...

That is beautiful!!! Loved your post - it made me laugh.

Did I understand correctly that you had alot of yarn left over? I looked at the specs for this pattern and thought that the requirements seemed a bit excessive. Well done.

vanessa said...

your cardi is very flattering!
great color!

knitfaced said...

thanks people!

Michelle - yes, i used just over 8 balls in the end out of the recommended 18! Which makes it a much cheaper undertaking... well it will be once i've ebayed the leftovers :)

bradyphrenia said...

it's beautiful! i love it in yellow.