Saturday, August 04, 2007


A warning to the curious. When making a stranded-patterned sock, bear in mind that the finished fabric will hardly stretch at all. This means that it becomes pretty impossible to navigate the heel of the foot past the upper tube-section and into a practical position within said sock. Thereby rendering your new artifact utterly useless :D

I need to have a bit of a think about ways to redeem this thing. I tried frogging back the ribbing + one pattern repeat and still couldn't get the bugger on. The foot part fits fine, fortunately, but not sure what to do about the top bit. Options i can currently think of are

  • Throw in some random increases past the heel for a bad 80s saggy ankled look

  • Leave Huuuuge floats inside, for the wearer to snag unwary toes on

  • Lose the stranded pattern at the top, past the heel, and just have plain stripes

Sadly, though, these ideas are all a bit rubbish. I will continue to ponder...


CatR said...

How vexing. Such a handsome pattern. No sensible suggestions - could you invent a new trend in zip up socks? Or some kind of adjustable thing like they have on wellies?

knitfaced said...

lol. *great* ideas!

I think i might try the rip-back-to-heel-and-surreptitiously-increase-a-bit approach. Some people on ravelry forums suggested going up a needle size too. Apparently this is a common problem with stranded socks. Phew! Knowing that other people have also suffered has eased my pain. I think i might actually be quite an evil person.

Bobbi said...

ah! tragedy! no suggestions but lots of sympathy`

YTT said...

How annoying. Can you rip back to the heel and insert some kind of fun stripe going up the back?

Or you can just hang it on your wall and present it as knitted art. It's really beautiful.

knitfaced said...

well, i already frogged to the heel and reknitted it - it fits now! phewph. It's supposed to be a present for someone too practical-minded to appreciate knitting-as-art. I am going to take a deep breath and cast on the second little blighter soon.