Saturday, June 21, 2008

what did the postman bring?

Sock yarn! hooray!

Some lovely heathery regia 4ply, colour 2143 (linen), courtesy of woolly workshop. I realised when making the rainbow booties how much I had missed making socks. My other ongoing project is a big crocheted blanket so it feels more interesting to make something intricate and fine gauge again. So I've already cast on for Highland Schottische Kilt Hose from Folk Socks. Which is an awesome book, but I haven't actually made anything from it until now. I am making them as a surprise present for a very nice kilt wearing gentleman I know. This may well turn out to be madness as I have no idea if they will fit or not... I may have to recruit some other male sock models with similarly proportioned calves to test my progress!

Check out that picot hem! I am ridiculously overpleased with this... impossible to convey in a photograph how tactile this is. It's a double thickness, like, er, most hems are i guess, so it feels lovely and solid and nubbly.


CatR said...

That picot hem looks ace - whenever I see one mentioned in a pattern I avoid it coz I think it'll be flouncy. But not here.

rubbishknitter said...

thanks! yeah, it's a fairly manly sock, designed for wear by tough whisky drinking fellas... a soft sassenach like me wouldn't dare allude to the flounciness of a highland sock...

brittunia said...

I can imagine you now on your sofa sipping tea, knitting and watching Wimbledon.

The sweater is still on the back burner for now.

I got memed the other day and I am now meming you. Have a look at the questions on my knitblog-

Hope all is well. Absolute Knitters is meeting a week from tomorrow, so if you are up to it, we'd love to have you come.