Thursday, December 04, 2008


mother, chill out with the needles ffs
Rubbishknitterjunior wears: tweedy earflap hat (on ravelry), woolly childhood (on ravelry), blanket of many browns (on ravelry)

I think you know you have been overdoing it a bit, when your son looks like this. Well it's been a bit cold, and we had to walk the dog. I may have got slightly carried away with the wrapping up.

Unfortunately, though, the recent febrile knitting atmosphere in my house has resulted in another flare up of tendonitis. Bugger. I am off to the doctors in a couple of hours to seek sympathy and painkilling medication while I can still get it for free. But it has rather delayed my Christmas knitting, just as I was starting to see the end in sight.... grrr.

bag of lovely if messily packed jumpers
Btw, if you are getting bored with the gratuitous Woolly Baby shots, don't worry there shouldn't be too many more. I have just received a rather lovely bagful of handknitted jumpers, passed on from a sibling. They are all very lovely and there are plenty here to keep the wee man warm this winter. So I really have no need to be making him anything else for now. Apart from possibly some more bootees. Oh and finishing the jumper I'm making obv. But after that I can make more stuff for meeee and other deserving individuals at my own discretion. Which is a fine thing.


YanTanTethera said...

Your son is so adorable it takes my breath away. And that's not even accounting for your good taste in wrapping him in knitting. The amazing thing is that to me he doesn't look "overknit" at all, just nice and warm and loved. But I may have developed an above-average tolerance for knitted goods to the point where anything under five seems veritably routine.

Did you finish the steeks? I was scared my first time too. Well, that remains my only time, come to think of it.

Matthew said...

I think your son looks absolutely adorable- and how can he be overknit? He needs a pair of mittens!

rubbishknitter said...

thanks people! well, he is certainly warm this winter. Mittens?! Good idea!

and yes, I've finished the steeks - sleeves are in! on the home straight with the christmas jumper now.