Saturday, January 03, 2009

the year in yarn

It's the RubbishReview of the Year! Some stuff I have knitted/crocheted/cross-stitched in 2008:

1. monkey socks, 2. dragon, 3. donkey kong cross-stitch valentines card closeup, 4. butterfly cardie, 5. stripy noro scarf, 6. woolly childhood, 7. easy baby booties, 8. stripy earflap hat, 9. rainbow booties, 10. newborn slipstitch hat the second, 11. newborn slipstitch hat, 12. elephant, 13. rainy day hat, 14. highland schottische kilt socks, 15. blanket of many browns, 16. tweedy earflap hat, 17. baby norgi, 18. big shoes

The last one is a pair of Christine's stay on baby booties, whipped up speedily before we went away for Christmas to a Very Cold Place. The pattern suggests making them in four ply, which I did, but they both fell apart from overuse and became too small after about 2 weeks of my large-footed offspring's life. So I boldly made a pair in aran-weight Wensleydale longwool.

They go nicely with the woolly childhood that I made him. There is tons of room in these on my 5 month old. (Mr. Rubbishknitter drily remarked that our son would still be wearing them when he went to university). But they still stay on, and keep the feet warm. Good old Christine, whoever she is/was.

Wishing everyone a happy, knitty 2009!

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