Friday, March 05, 2010

shawly knot

shawl on the line
I've always really admired other people's handknitted shawls, and have quite fancied making one for a while. But I was put off for ages by the wearability factor. Being generally a fairly scruffy urban type dresser, no stranger to a trainer or a hooded top, I just couldn't see me wearing something that made me look like an extra from a tedious tv period drama.

Conversely, I have absolutely no desire to knit a scarf, but I love wearing them. They're so practical and warm, but I just get really bored with the whole always-knitting-in-a-straight-line thing. (I did make one once, for Mr. Rubbishknitter, but only because he asked me really nicely)

Then suddenly, *ding!* it dawned on me, that there could be a solution lurking here... what if I indulged myself in some fun shawl knitting, then just wore it as a scarf? Scrumpled up and tucked into a coat, it's not too rustic - no-one's going to force me to travel in a horse and cart or chase chickens around. And I can have a warm neck! So I went for Aestlight. It's a nice easy sort of Fisher Price My First Shawl, but still looks really pretty. The yarn is beautiful, really soft and cosy and dead warm in springy sproingy garter stitch. I used one skein of hand dyed 100% merino sock from Skeins. And I've worn this thing, like, nearly every day, far more than I thought I would. I'd have been a lot quicker finishing if I'd been able to bring myself to take it off for long enough to block it! I'm a bit of a wuss in cold weather.


Kate said...

Damn you and your links to yarn shops I'd not yet discovered! *shakes fist*

But the shawl! It's scrummy. :-D I prefer knitting triangles as well. It's still repetitive, but somehow doesn't feel like you're knitting forever. And I wear mine in just that way and feel all grown up (for once). :-)

Anonymous said...

it's ver' ver' lovely. I am now totally copying you and making a triangular shawl in skeins sock yarn too (mine is herbivore in red)

Kate, you should visit Skeins in Glossop some time, it's a fantabulous little yarny gem

rubbishknitter said...

Yay for shawls and Skeins! Everybody should go there, it's a great shop and Mrs. Skeins is very lovely, she even made me a cup of tea and entertained my child while I stroked the pretty woolly things...