Monday, June 14, 2010

red and green should deffo be seen

I'm having a bit of a red and green phase at the moment. For some reason I only seem to be interested in things with at least one of these colours, preferably both. I could spend hours grinning inanely at traffic lights. I blame this pot of lilies in my back yard, that waited until just before i went on holiday for a week before flowering gloriously in my absence.


My new job, right in the middle of the old textile district in town, is also proving rather dangerous. I can see Abakhans from the door, its massive piles of ubercheap fabric and yarn grin temptingly at me as I nip out for a lunchtime sandwich. So I tend to accidentally return to my desk with random pieces of fabric like this, because it has a nice shade of green in, and makes your eyes go funny in a good way. Blink a few times and the pattern bounces around all over the place. Hours of fun.

But the most exciting event of the week by miles is... look! Guess where my cardigan is?

Yeeeeeah it's in the sink, being washed.... that means it's really nearly finished.... it's all sewn together, just needs blocking and buttons and we're there... WOOHOO!


Kate said...

That fabric is like those tests for colour-blindness where you have to see a green spotted number in the middle of a load of brown spots. If I squint, I can see the winning lottery numbers for next week in that photo. :-P

rubbishknitter said...

Haha! it's truuuuue! *runs out and buys a lottery ticket*