Tuesday, November 02, 2010

acts of scarfy kindness

scarf hanging up
More random acts of kindness today! My friend Steph from knitting group made me this scarf. Isn't she lovely!

folded scarf
To be fair, she didn't really make it for me, she made it to try and learn how to knit continental style. And I was sitting next to her in Purl City when she said 'I don't like the colours in this scarf, does anyone else want it?' Everyone else was too polite but I piped up, obviously, because it is brown, green, red and orange, all of which are very high on my favourite colours list. I was born in the 1970s so I think my colour palette is highly attuned to these shades by default. I would basically be over the moon with happiness if it was autumn all year round. *gazes fondly at leaves*

The yarn is James C Brett Marble Chunky, and the pattern is Multidirectional diagonal scarf. I think the long colour repeats look ace in this pattern. It also goes perfectly with my collection of brown and green coats. (Well ok, getting a bit carried away there - I have one of each colour, i'm not that minted.) But now I can has a cheery warm neckcovering also, hooray! Thanks Steph!


cycle said...

I love those colours too, which is why I bought the yarn. But I knew at the time I'd never wear them myself.

Lisa said...

beautiful, especially hung up so the sunlight can shine through it :)