Saturday, April 16, 2011

lots of tiny socks

row of socks
I made these baby socks for a bring and buy sale today, to raise money for the premature baby unit at the local hospital.
I had a drawerful of tiny scrag-ends of left over sock yarn, so this seemed like a good opportunity to use it up. I quite like doing this sort of thing, you feel uberthrifty, and it gives you a chance to reminisce about Socks of Old.

The yarn line-up, from left to right in the picture above: Cygnet Wool Rich 4 ply (light brown), random nasty acrylic I scored in a bargain bin in Peru for about 1p (navy), Green eyed monsters supersock (pink/green stripy), Opal from the first ever pair of socks I made (green/pink/blue stripy), Violet Green supersock (purple). Apologies if you bought the navy pair, I'll admit you drew the short straw.
Pattern is my own.

I wanted to try and package them as appealingly as possible, using words like 'unique' and 'handcrafted' and not words like 'mindlessly churned out while watching Breaking Bad on the telly'. So I got these cute little handmade paper bags from Fred Aldous and labelled them up nicely.

I think most of them sold, i wasn't around at the end to check. It was fun to make them all, although I must admit it was getting a tad repetitive by the 5th pair - I was going to sleep counting turned heels instead of sheep. I think it's safe to say my next project will be bigger, and not socks :)


magi said...

What a great idea! I love the little bags for presentation too.

Siga said...

So wonderful!

annamay said...

This little socks are so cute!

Kate said...

What a cute idea. :-D And babies don't mind what fibre their socks are made from, as long as they have snug feet. :-P

I love the wee bags, too. I made baby socks as a gift once and could have done with one of those. Even the smallest gift bag I found meant the socks were hiding at the bottom in a corner looking sad and small.

dyedinthewool said...

Oh, those are adorable! Love the touch with the little bags!