Monday, May 23, 2011

beady, aye

I think I might have a bit of a shawl problem.

This is bitterroot. I loved making it so much I knitted far too fast and gave myself tendonitis. For 2 weeks I was in ouchy-wrist hell, unable to wave at people over the road, or use a mouse.

I was quite grumpy for those two weeks. What does one do when one can't knit or code? I tried to remember Hobbies Of Old. I did a bit of gardening. And grumbled quite a lot.

Then, one day, waking up in a haze of ibuprofen and gin with my arm in a tubigrip with a shatterproof ruler down the inside, it was all ok again! Not having learned any kind of lesson, I picked up the shawl and knitted continuously without pausing to eat / make tea / sleep until it was all finished.

It's for Purl City Yarns, I made it using just under 2 skeins of their gorgeous Manos Del Uruguay Serena, colourway 6977.

I am totally in love with this yarn. If it was human I'd buy it pints and laugh at its jokes. It's a very subtly variegated, soft dove grey alpaca/cotton blend. There's a nice crisp cottony stitch definition but the alpaca softens it and makes it warm.

I got some beads from The Bead Shop in Afflecks Palace. They're clear with a silver lining - these ones i think. (If you've not been to this place, you should. Sweetie jars from floor to ceiling, full of SO MUCH SHINY.)

I made the small size, but it turned out pretty huge, and really didn't take very long at all. I'm a big fan of DK weight yarn for shawls.

It's off to be displayed in Purl City tomorrow (but I can have it back when they get bored of it. bwahahahaaa!)


minniemoll said...

That's very pretty! I like heavier weight shawls too, even though I do keep knitting much finer ones...

I'm glad your wrist's okay again - do take it easy though, you don't want to get RSI. I spin or weave if I get any twinges in my wrists (usually caused by crochet, my wrists really don't like that).

Kate said...

Hope this works now as I tried leaving comments twice yesterday and Blogger decided to have a fit and conjure up strange error messages!

Anyway, the shawl is beautiful and I've queued it - no idea why I haven't seen it before. The colour is lovely, too. Very mature and sohpisticated. ;-)

Hope the pain is gone now. :-( Never had a knitting induced injury, fortunately, and I think I'd be pretty horrible to live with if I did!

dyedinthewool said...

I luffs it, I does.

"Knit on through all things, except tendinitis" as Elizabeth Zimmerman almost certainly didn't say.