Saturday, January 07, 2012

the owls are not what they seem

I have a new jumper!

The pattern is Paper Dolls, with a more owl based yoke chart. If it looks vaguely familiar to the geekier types among you, this is because the motif is a homage to the BBC Micro, my first ever computer. I know! Everybody loves an 8 bit based operating system.

bbc micro castle of riddles

You probably didn't want to go north there.

I loved knitting this pattern, it's such a thoughtfully detailed design. I'm a massive fan of corrugated ribbing and i-cord edging. The other great thing is that the yoke chart only needs a couple of decreases within it, because it's cunningly spread over the shoulders. This means you can basically substitute whatever chart of your own you fancy without too much recalculation. (Well ok, there was a bit of recalculation, and the decision to tackle this during the festive season, whiskey in hand, meant that it took me three attempts to get the yoke right. But I got there eventually.)

The yarn is, predictably, Jamieson and Smiths 2ply jumperweight. With a dash of Eden Cottage Yarns handspun. One of these days I will be ready to make something in a non-Shetland yarn. Probably.

The finished jumper is so lovely and cosy to wear. I made it a little bit longer than the pattern suggested, and had to order another couple of balls of yellow, but that was no problem. Another awesome thing about J&S jumperweight is the way it comes in 25g balls - I love this as you can buy closer to the exact amount you need, so it works out pretty cheaply.

owl close up
Now, what other retrotech pixelated delights can I coerce into jumper form? bwahahahahaaaa! *plots*


Anonymous said...

That looks great! And I love that the owls are from the old computer - I think we had those at school in the early 80s. We had a ZX81 at home, with similar games on it.

Kate said...

I love it! :-D I think Paper Dolls is a lovely sweater anyway, but having a unique one is even better.

And my junior school definitely had a BBC computer, which we all fought to play Granny's Garden on. I think my lot would probably wet themselves laughing if I showed them what counted as the height of gaming in the mid eighties. :-P

Anonymous said...

If Batman were the squee-ing type, you've just made him squee...

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, just thought I'd visit your site after seeing your comment on creatingmiscordia's site, and that you'd posted as 'rubbish knitter'. Being a new and actual rubbish knitter I was curious. then I saw this! It's SO brilliant! We had a Commodore Pet to start with, and then the BBC micro, and I've always loved that owl. What a fantastic thing :) (and something for me to aim for. In twenty years)