Friday, October 17, 2008

project proliferation

riding to avalon cast on
It seems I went from a short period of craftlessness, to a short period of frenzied overcompensation by starting a cornucopia of different projects. This is going to be Riding to Avalon. I am in dire need of nice warm jumpers that fit post-childbirth, and I have a surfeit of merino. Also I have been doing loads of knitting for other people lately and I decided it was time for something for me, dammit! The hoodie is progressing well, although I was alarmed to note that it appears to be rolling at the hem, despite a garter stitch row to counterbalance the stocking stitch. If I was making it again, I would probably put another garter stitch row in. As it is, I am far too lazy to unravel all that work and am putting my faith in a future stern blocking instead. The lovely shiny needles are Addi turbos kindly lent to me by Cat - thanks for that! The shininess is keeping me mesmerised as I knit.

I'm simultaneously ploughing through a pair of stripy garter rib socks in some lovely Kaffe Fassett / Regia yarn. This picture is a bit old, I'm nearly at the top of Sock 1 now. Plain, toe up sock with a short row heel. Making it up as I go along!

Flitting around between projects like a drunken butterfly, I also made a new hat for rubbishknitterjunior. It's getting a bit chillier now and I decided a warmer, room-for-growing into model was needed. The yarn is some Katia Scotch Tweed that I got out of a bargain bin ages ago when I was learning to knit, but hadn't yet learned the inadvisability of buying odd balls on a whim. So it has been sitting at the bottom of the cupboard for a year or two.

Babies are pretty useful for using up these kind of scrag ends of yarn. The wee fella looks a bit bemused by the whole thing, but I'm sure he appreciates the extra headwarmth. The pattern is made up, but based on a photo of me as a nipper, wearing a similar model. Am I really going to post this? Well, I can't really embarrass myself any more than I have done already on this blog, so here we go with some lookeylikeys for you. Don't laugh. My cheeks are slightly less prominent now. I left off the pompom on his hat so as not to compromise his masculinity.

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CatR said...

Adorable modeling of headwarming devices. Glad you like the shiny needles - am sure I've probably complained to you that they periodically blind me with flashes of bright light...