Monday, March 30, 2009

alphabet wall hanging

a you're adorable, b you're so beautiful
Wowsers. My crafty dabblings have been recently put to shame by this gobsmackingly gorgeous cross-stitch wallhanging that my friend Amy has just presented me with. It's all done using teeny-tiny thread for incredibly detailed pictures. Thought you crafty blog readers might enjoy its handmade marvellousness!

It's a present for rubbishknitterjunior for his room, I am going to get it framed. I expect him to be fully literate by about one year old after gazing slack jawed at the loveliness of this thing. I can't decide which is my favourite letter - they are all so amazingly intricately detailed, I don't see how Amy has managed to do this and maintain a job and active social life this winter.

It's just totally awesome to receive any kind of handmade gift, but to receive one that clearly has had so much time lavished on it really does make me feel very honoured and quite emotional. And very inspired, and somewhat vindicated for spending so much time making things, when such heights of beautiful thing-making can be aspired to.

The only problem I have now is - what am I going to make for her in return? The crafty bar has been raised to a sillily high level by this gift, and she is off on a round-the-world trip in a month's time... yikes!


Kate said...


Mr Tickle was always my favourite. :-)

CatR said...

Wow! That's so much better than a poster.

On the upping the crafty gift stakes - lace shawl, but maybe in fingering weight for added speed?

rubbishknitter said...

that's a good idea Cat... I have already started the return gift now actually. Not going to say what it is yet though, at least till Amy's birthday next Tuesday, which weirdly is the same day as mine! :)

YTT said...

Oh my, that is gorgeous. Truly a gift to treasure.

But as I remember from your video-game valentine to Mr. Rubbish Knitter a while back, you have some pretty madd skillz yourself at doing this kind of thing.

rubbishknitter said...

lol! dunno if my valentine effort really merits the description 'madd skillz' but thanks anyway YTT!

the picture is in at the framers now. The ladies in the shop were beside themselves with excitement when they saw it. Should be on the wall in a couple of weeks...