Monday, April 27, 2009


strawberry alarm clock
Recently I've been quietly plodding through the brown jumper, and I'm nearly there... just the hood to finish! But it seems rather unspringlike all of a sudden. I felt the need for a quick gratification brightly coloured project, and a friend is having a baby shower next weekend, so I raided the yarn cupboard. Finding two rather nice balls of Rowan Handknit Cotton sitting there sadly alone in the corner, I decided this strawberry hat was the best option for the cheerfully springy colours. Probably because I have a mild to moderate obsession with fruit, which I think derives from playing too much pac-man as a child.

Unfortunately the pattern doesn't seem to be online any more - it was once on the Lion Brand website, but there appears to be a lot of similar fruit-related whimsical headgear around for babies. Great fun to make and pretty easy, do-able in a couple of days. Probably less if you don't have to spend much of your days playing peek-a-boo.

If anyone's wondering if I managed to make something in time for Amy's birthday, who gave me the wall hanging, the answer is Very Nearly. It's finished now but I can't post photos because I've got a plan to write up the pattern and send it into Knitty. I know, it's a bold move! Am I mad? Or just skint and fearless? Or possibly all three?! Anyway you're not allowed to blog about anything you submit to them. So I'll put up photos in a couple of weeks once I get the rejection email :) I say a couple of weeks, but actually it takes quite a while to write up patterns in a non-halfarsed way, I'm discovering, so it might just about get submitted in time for the Spring 2020 issue... but now I've announced it to the internets so I have to do it!! *kicks self*


Manuel said...

super cute.....!

LadybirdLinz (:i:) said...

Aw the little hat is gorgeous!

Good Luck with Knitty...oh yes, you have to do it now lol

CatR said...

Knitty submission sounds intriguing! Hope all the writing up is going ok.