Thursday, June 11, 2009


So on UK Ravelry Day I had a bit of a knitting binge on my Charade socks. This was partly due to the excitement of having a whole day out of the house, and partly due to the highly compelling sock yarn I am using. I've never used handpainted yarn before but I can see why people get into it... it's like reading a book, you never quite know what's going to happen next, and you can't wait to see. Anyway it was such a pageturner of a sock I knitted the first one in two days. Then I was slightly worried that my socky overindulgence might make my arms fall off if I continued at that pace, so thought I'd maybe better try something less knitty for a while.
blooming ridiculous

The baby has an irritating habit of growing out of his clothes, so I thought I'd make him some more out of some leftover bits of fabric. Sensible trousers are the order of the day here. I think it's the post-teddy bear suit backlash, I seem to be having a phase of dressing him like an old man. First attempt was the Baby Bloomers out of Sew Hip magazine. Well sort of - I cut out the pattern pieces and was unable to get them to fit together, so in the end I simplified it by just joining 4 pieces of fabric cut from the back pattern piece, instead of having a different back and front. This made them stupidly baggy. I'm not too sure about the result tbh. He wore them yesterday but they have a slightly Tudor look which is a little further along the old man scale than I had anticipated. The elasticated ankles ride up in use so they're round his thighs. Not all that useful as he's started crawling and I would have liked something to protect his knees from getting battered around too much. I may take the elastic out and see if that helps.
cars taste nice
modelled by rubbishknitterjunior
They were a super quick easy project anyway, so I thought i'd have a go at making another pair. Enter the Pockety trousers. These are pretty similar in construction, except I redrew the pattern pieces again to get a bit of a better fit. Longer legs and a slightly less comedy arse. I also left out the ankle elastic for less of a Henry VIII look. I like the way in this staid grey fabric (megacheap scrap fabric from a bargain bin, don't ask what it was) they look like the baby equivalent of an old man trouser that you might get in the back of a sunday supplement. But really, it's all about the pocket with these. I've always been amused by the concept of pockets on baby clothes, and while this one is clearly pretty useless it does sort of serve a function. I have a recurring issue with some handmade clothes that I can never tell the back from the front. In the rush to get dressed in the morning, I can often be found swearing and examining jumpers to try and find waist shaping / a couple of extra stitches at the neckline. This isn't what you want, particularly when trying to wrestle clothes onto a baby who is trying to hurl himself off the top of the dresser and is systematically removing each article of clothing you put on. So at least with these you can tell which way round they are at a glance.
these are a rather generous trouser sir
And I had so much fun doing the pocket. I got the idea out of the Readers Digest Guide to Sewing which has a nice detailed how to for patch pockets. I put in an inverted pleat and machine sewed a buttonhole. Totally awesome. I want to put pockets and buttons on everything now. Or perhaps I should make a teeny tiny baby wallet and mobile phone to put in the pocket. (Or perhaps I should get out more.)

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Anonymous said...

kewl trousers. Next pair, you should totally go with the the Henry VIII theme and add contrasting padded codpiece. You have to plan ahead for photos to mortify them with in their teens.