Sunday, June 07, 2009

UK Ravelry day

oh hai
So if you didn't already know yesterday was UK Ravelry day, a knitting themed event in Coventry. I was ridiculously excited to be relieved from childcare duties for the day so that I was able to go!

Fortunately for knitters, the weather turned freezing for the day, so everyone was able to showcase their favourite handmade woolly creations. It was great fun to play spot the pattern / spot the yarn.
future yarn
It was chucking it down a bit too much to stroke the poor alpacas, but there was a nice indoor area to shelter from the rain, with tea and cake, where literally everyone was knitting as they sat and chatted or stood in queues for workshops. Which is just an awesome sight. I loved just sitting round soaking up the atmosphere - everyone was so friendly, it was almost impossible not to get into a conversation if you reached into your bag and pulled out a piece of knitting or ball of yarn.
The range of stalls selling so much British yarn proved impossible to resist, so I didn't even try. (Mr. Rubbishknitter texted me as I was on my way home: Do you need me to bring the van down to the station to bring back all your new yarn? I replied: No need, I've managed to cram it all into the saddle bags of our new pet alpaca. He went quiet for a while after that.)
big pile of yarn
Jamieson and Smiths had a stupidly tempting pile of big bags of 2 ply jumper yarn for a tenner each. Drool. I am a sucker for that burnt orange colour. So despite having carefully written down yardages for a few potential queued items, I did what I had promised myself I wouldn't, and impulse bought a big pile'o'yarn. Ahem. Well, I'm sure I will find a use for yarn that lovely. I might go for a proper fair isle project, which is what the yarn is designed for really, or failing that possibly brooklyntweed's Druid mittens, which I've had my eye on for a while. I bought some undyed balls too in case I decide to go the fair isle route... you have to keep all avenues open!

Also, rather sillily in terms of efficiency of carting stuff around I bought some stuff off my Mancunian mates. Who could resist this handspun though? It's alpaca from Six Swans and it's the softest thing I've ever felt. I adore the caramel colour of the undyed yarn. I think this is destined to become something simple for the baby - either a hat or maybe I could stretch it out into a jumper if I found something suitable to stripe it with.
mmmm slaver
preeeeettttttttty yarn

It was also impossible not to buy this little zip up pouch in 'crafty pirates' fabric from Green Eyed Monsters. Look, it has scissors and skulls! What more can you possibly want?

ahoy there

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audm said...

It was a fab day. Shame the next one is so far away :(

(love your labels for this post :) )