Thursday, July 02, 2009

flaming socks of fire

too damn hot
In this weather these feel like an appropriate knit. It got so hot, my socks caught fire!1!1 They're Charades (sorry, the non-ravelry link seems to have died) and the yarn was a Christmas present for me hand-dyed by Cat. Isn't is lovely? Don't think I've ever made anything out of hand-dyed yarn before so it was a new and exciting experience.

I'm a big fan of this pattern too, would definitely recommend it for hand dyed yarn. (You can still get it as a free ravelry download fortunately.) The slip stitch pattern breaks up the pooling / flashing / whatever you call it, and adds to the general chaotic effect. I think I messed up the heel a bit - it's the first time i've attempted a top down sock on two circulars and the pattern's written quite specifically for dpns. I stubbornly continued with the two circulars anyway and somehow seemed to end up with eight extra stitches after turning the heel. Oops. So the heel gusset is pretty big, but this is actually a really nice feature - the socks are super easy to put on and take off. And fortunately whatever I did wrong on the first sock, I did wrong in the same way on the second, so they are the same shape. Now I just need a bit of slightly cooler weather so I can wear them!

In other news, I am an extremely minor internet celebrity this week. I was interviewed by Girl and Dean at UK Ravelry Day, and some of it made its way into the video below. You can't see me but you can hear some of my inane witterings. Always weird hearing yourself, I sound like a bloke. Quite a funny little film though anyway.


CatR said...

Spirally, interesting. Wasn't expecting that... Glad you like it - it was fun to make!

I didn't think you sounded like a bloke, but it was quite a contrast to the people who sounded speeded up squeakey. Good wee video.

rubbishknitter said...

yeah, thanks Cat - they are awesome socks! looking forward to it being cool enough to wear them!

I think I probably smoked too much at a tender age and my vocal chords never really recovered... thank heavens I have knitting instead now to occupy my hands. Good video, i agree. There's another amusing knitting-related one on the girl and dean website...