Monday, July 06, 2009

yarn avoidance fail

buttony goodness
Well, I knew it was the John Lewis sale this week... and I needed some buttons for the dungarees. So off I went, reciting in my head the mantra 'you only need buttons'. I went for these rather simple buttons in the end - they go nicely with the colour scheme, and there is some rather hectic applique going on elsewhere so I thought attention seeking buttons might be a bit over the top. Quite pleased with these ones - cheap and simple but pleasing.

mmmm silky
What I definitely didn't go to John Lewis for, was any of this. But somehow it seems to have happened anyway. Debbie Bliss Pure Silk half price, in decent colours? It was literally impossible to walk past the bargain bin. I'm sure it will get used... I have about 50 bazillion pregnant friends at the moment, and a new copy of Woolly Wormhead's baby hat book, so small amounts of luxury yarn are handy.

The worrying thing is that I need some more poppers* too (I hammered in some of the first lot a bit overenthusiastically). So I have to go back. Do I have the willpower to resist the bargain bin a second time?! I hope so...

*as in snap fasteners obv, not the intoxicating substance which makes you turn purple


CatR said...

Come on, admit it! You wanted yarn! Irene's or Leon's (do Leon's do buttons?) would have sold you only the non-attention-seeking buttons...

That silk is verrrry nice though ;)

rubbishknitter said...

lol. true... well maybe i just fancied a little bit of a look... :)

managed to go back in again yesterday and buy just the poppers I needed though. phew.

don't think Leon's do buttons, although they do have some haberdashery stuff - thread, bias binding etc.