Monday, April 19, 2010


gazpach.. Oh.
Random jumble random jumble random jumble MASSSSIVE POOLS OF COLOUR random jumble random jumble. Is what my proto-cardigan would say if it could talk.

I am beginning to change my mind here... after a bit of Pooling Maths and investigative onward knitting, I feel action has to be taken with the cardigan weirdness. Possibly, with such a confined area of bad yarn behaviour, I could get away with ripping it back to the start of the pooling and replacing that particular bit with a stripe or two of another yarn... am pondering.... I feel I have to act swiftly before I get distracted by another new project and meander off down a woolly avenue of novelty. If I can find a similar solid colour yarn in a suitably matching hue, it might do the trick.


There have been other projects in the meantime, some small gifty things, like these cute baby socks in Green Eyed Monsters yarn. They are really very small, 32 stitches around, so they're exactly half the size of adult socks, to fit a 6-8 month old baby. Sort of made up, based on my notes from these ones last year. So the stripes in the yarn came out two rows wide rather than one. It all worked out quite lovelyly in the end. Sometimes, hand-dyed yarn can be your friend!


Kate said...

More info on pooling maths, please. I imagine you standing at a huge blackboard with wild hair, furiously scribbling down equations. :-P

rubbishknitter said...

hah! That's pretty accurate tbh... especially the hair!

But as you asked... ;)

*grabs chalk* I divided the number of stitches per row by the number of pools, and got a Pooling Quotient of 11. So any bits of cardigan where the stitch count is a multiple of 11 are likely to be pooly. I deduced thusly that as well as the middle bit at the back, the middle bit at the front was also likely to turn out weird. (You could probably have figured this out sans chalk or blackboards tbh, but it was more fun this way). So if i stripe all the way around this bit, the rest should hopefully be ok.

Barley said...

Can't you just use another ball of the same yarn mixed in? So do two rows from one ball and two from the other, say, and as long as you're not knitting the same section of colour repeat alongside each other it should break up the pooling. Do you think that would work?

rubbishknitter said...

thanks Barley! yeah, that one's already been suggested too. It's a good idea and I may well end up doing it, I just like to faff around and try different things...