Monday, April 26, 2010


OK, i am back now from officially teh_best weekend evah!!11! It's hard to summarise the total awesomeness of the Wonderwool Wales vibe in concise blog format, but I will attempt to do this. With the aid of some fairly ropey photos from my mobile phone. Look! Slightly pixellated daffodils!

black sheepwhite sheep
Some very handsome sheep, with pretty awesome indie hair
The world's fluffiest angora rabbits
antique loom
Beautiful antique looms, being actually really used to make beautiful real cloth. Clackety clack... clackety clack...
real bobbins
Bobbins, real ones!
more bobbins
An actual Bobbins magazine mini-stall! I hadn't been organised enough to manage to book a slot beforehand but the lovely organisers let us have a little table next to the bag creche. It's being looked after in this photo by my lovely friends Rob and Amy. That's my knitting bag and flask of tea on the right of the picture. (Surely the least hard day's work out of any day that's ever been loosely categorised as 'work'.)
Skeins stand
SOOO much pretty yarn... I slowly squidged my way round the entire perimeter of the exhibition with an inane grin on my face.

But, impossible to show in these pictures and yet utterly central to the whole experience was the unbelievably friendly lovely atmosphere. Everyone you saw had a smile on their faces, and would chat with anyone about anything - knitting, yarn, the keeping of livestock, spinning, the unexpectedly lovely weather, the food. There were people just sitting, knitting and chatting, all over the place. Everyone you saw was draped in beautiful handknitted, hand-dyed, unique and lovely garments, and would love nothing more than to stop and discuss their construction at length with strangers. This truly was the best possible way to spend a Sunday, and I bloody loved it. I can't wait till next year! In the meantime, anyone for Woolfest?!


Jelibe said...

I want to go! Can you pick me up on the way, I live in Lancashire :D
I wish I could have gone to wonderwool, I've read Elephants blog about it and GypsyDancer on Ravelry has been raving about it too. I'm soo jealous.
Seriously if you've got space in your boot....

rubbishknitter said...

ha! ace! sure, if you don't mind sharing it with a dog and a pile of magazines

Kate said...

Oh it looks lovely. :-D Maybe I can persuade Mr B that we need a weekend away in Wales next year. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish I could have been there! Roll on Woolfest, I'm definitely going. I love wandering round spotting handknits and putting faces to Ravelry names.

Anonymous said...

Super jealous,

also an avid but not that good knitter, hope you don't mind but Ive added you to my blog roll.