Sunday, March 13, 2011

buttons and blocking

Guess what I have just been pinning out?!

I'm very excited... the cardigan's all finiiiiiiiiished! Last night was spent weaving in ends and sewing on buttons. I've gone for these vintage buttons that I picked up from some random haberdashery stall at a local craft fair a while ago. I really love this kind of dead simple, super shiny, boiled sweet type buttons.


Even the retro button packaging I find really pleasing. I'm really glad I'm not expected to remove them all before washing. Can you imagine?! People must have had considerably more patience in the olden days.

vintage writing

Better photos will follow when it's dry. Can't wait!! If anyone needs me, I'll be impatiently wandering around the spare bed with a hairdryer... What? don't look at me like that, it's forecast to freeze tonight, tomorrow morning I want to be clad in snuggly alpacay goodness!


Kate said...

*bounces impatiently*

I will send gusts of hot air up to you to get it dried faster. I want to see FO photos!

Anonymous said...


I always think that ridiculous washing instructions are some kind of test to see if you are brave enough to go your own way...

spinninggeer said...

pretty! and I so love the word "haberdashery"...