Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tsunami relief

Just a quick one to mention to any Manchester based people that tomorrow night at Purl City Yarns is Japanese Tsunami Fundraiser night.
Sounds like it will be fun, with lots of auctions and raffles for all kinds of goodies.

There will be exclusive hand dyed yarn from Wild Fire Fibres, and 50p from the sale of each ball of Noro goes to the Red Cross. That's right, you can actually really help people by buying yarn. This is all kinds of win in my book <enable, enable> :)

I've also donated this pattern for baby socks which you can buy for £1.50 on the night. If you're not in Manchester, you can buy it on Ravelry too and all the proceeds will go to the Red Cross. I wrote it ages ago but it has taken me rather a long time to get my act together and publish it. The cute baby foot in the above picture now belongs to a clodhopping two year old. I'll maybe get round to publishing the pattern for the jumper he was wearing today by the time he goes to university.

seeya there knitterfriends!

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Cara McMillin said...

You're a star Polly!

If you're a sock knitter, £1 of every Kureyon Sock and Silk Garden Sock will be donated as well as the 50p from Kureyon, Silk Garden, Seku, and Noro pattern books.