Saturday, July 23, 2011

knit nation

(above: the Wollmeise stand, before it all got devoured by a swarm of yarnlocusts)

Oh yes, last weekend was knitting festival time!!!1!!1! Like Glastonbury, sort of, but with more cardigans. It's taken me a week to recover from the excitement.

Highlights of the day included:

  • Marvelling at the Habu stall. So many beautifully arranged cones of colourful tweedy yarn, I didn't want to ruin the display by buying any. There was a great selection of unusual yarn, silk / stainless steel blends, and paper! (All fun and games until it rains.)
    habu stall

  • Scoring some beautiful Crannog from the Yarn Yard. I went crazy and got a cardigansworth, probably for Laika, but I haven't 100% decided.

  • Finding this cute project bag in the same fabric as my recently acquired needle case

  • Inadvertently wandering across Ysolda's twitter feed. It was Cara who noticed this - she recognised my Tempest cardigan! (the red one)

  • Winning a Knit nation mug! Here it is being modelled by a good strong brew.

  • Relaxing in the cafe with knitting, cake and gentle yarnbanter. cake

  • Last, but very much not least - meeting the very lovely Kate Blackburn, who not only put up with my yarn-based witterings for most of the day, she met me at the station, navigated me to the correct place, and gave me gifts of yarn and cake. Thankyou so much!


Eva said...

'fess up! Did you buy any yarn?

Eva said...

Oh wait, never mind. I see the Crannog - hee hee!

Kate said...

I had a brilliant time, too. :-D

Viknits said...

Ooooh all those lovely blues! I love the photo below of the knitting/headtorch arrangement!