Sunday, August 21, 2011


growlithe on ds
Yes, it's time for another nintendo cosy! For a dsi this time. It's been a while... this one's for my teenage nephew who requested one with Growlithe (fire breathing puppy pokemon) on it.

I can't resist these kind of requests, and I love pokemon so I set to work. Take one image...
actual growlithe
Make an incredibly oversimplistic chart about 20 pixels square...
growlithe chart
... and embroider onto a stocking stitch tube.
growlithe detail
Hopefully it is still recognisable. It's tricky chartifying hi res images, which is why I tend to like working with classic characters from the 8 bit age of video gaming. Mario and associated mushrooms / donkey kong have about the right dimensions to embroider directly onto a 4ply ds cosy, one pixel per stitch. So I've made rather a lot of these. (Not because I'm an aging nerd, and they remind me of good times from a misspent youth. No no. That has nothing to do with it) But anyway I guess it's good to know your electronic device is safe and unscratched and warm and able to defend itself with a firebreathing attack.


Kate said...

I imagine the small people here would know precisely who that is. I am clueless and clearly past it. :-P I think he's very cute, anyway!

Viknits said...

*Puts hand up* I know who that is! Yey! Love all your geeky technological-device-cosies! It's totally brilliant in the country, I adore it, even the weeding! Hope you'll visit sometime, it's a great place for a day out too. xxx

April said...

It's cute whether you know it's from Pokemon or not. I did know who he was after you mention it though.