Friday, September 05, 2008

joy division oven glove

Dance dance dance dance
With apologies to Half Man Half Biscuit. We moved house recently and my trusty oven gloves went walkabout somewhere between residences. Consequently I now have an array of angry looking burns on my thumb. (I took a photo of these too, but decided it was a bit too minging to post). As I also had a set of fat eighths from the Stitch and Creative Crafts show last weekend and some polyester wadding lurking in the cupboard, I decided enough was enough, and a home-stitched solution to my pain and suffering was needed. Then the titular HMHB song came on the radio, making me laugh rather a lot. So I couldn't resist making this. Now while cooking, I will smile instead of screaming in flesh-searing agony. Or setting fire to another tea towel.

Ooh ooh tropical diseases
I used this tutorial to make the oven glove. Not too hard for a novice seamstress. The writing is reverse applique, done rather terribly on the machine. I ran out of the burgundy thread after doing this bit and couldn't be bothered going out in the rain to get some more, so finished off the seaming in green. I know! I've literally ripped up the sewing rulebook with my devil-may-care attitude!! The best bit was the quilting on the palm, I am rather proud of its neatness. The rest of the seaming is a bit higgledy piggledy but it appears to do the job of holding stuff together.

Ooh ooh chemical alarm

Ooh ooh I'm a little blasé

It used up 3 fat eighths of fabric. Probably could have had a bit left over of the flowery stuff if I hadn't accidentally cut out the palm piece the wrong way round first time. I very nearly had to do all my baking left handed. Even now, as Mr. Rubbishknitter kindly pointed out, the writing is upside down if you are wearing the glove and holding your hand vertically. Ah well, it was an entertaining learning experience that has resulted in a useful thing. Right, off to bake some scones... :)


CatR said...

Ah, oven burns... Nothing quite like those angry red stripes. Well, maybe grabbing a tripod too soon after the bunsen burner has been removed...

brittunia said...

Just watched BBC's documentary on Factory Records on Friday night and think this is a very cool tribute. And if your guests can't read words upside down, well, then perhaps they are not worthy of your hospitality...Well done!

YTT said...

I am so impressed at your learning a new craft - PARTICULARLY with a brand new baby. Congratulations on the arrival of Rubbishknitter Jr. (should I lower-case that since he is still diminutive?). He is truly adorable and I wish I could squeeze those cheeks. Meanwhile even with this gorgeous new baby, your handcraft output is still about three times more than that of my childless self.

Did I mention I just love that baby?

rubbishknitter said...

thanks people. I should point out that while I may have a new baby, I have in no way learned a new craft, just dabbled in one. Also the baby sleeps a lot and the house is a something of a mess. The doctor said I wasn't allowed to hoover for 6 weeks after the birth - how awesome is that?!

audreym said...

fantastic, I hope you are wearing them to post-punk postcards fairs and new romantic craft shows across the country.