Sunday, September 14, 2008

rainy day hat

leftover elephant hat
Irritatingly, Elijah the elephant used 1.000001 balls of Rowan Wool Cotton, so I thought I'd use up the remnants on another baby hat. I made this one up as I went along. It struck me when I was making the elephant that this yarn has a soft shininess with very clear stitch definition, so would probably be well suited to cables. This stitch pattern has one-stitch cables in a braided pattern across a 1x1 rib. The idea was to keep some of the stretchiness of the ribbing for a fast-growing small head, and it kind of worked. It was also partially inspired by the British summer - the blue-grey pattern reminded me of the rolling raindrops on the windowpane. And now I've finished it, the sun has come out. So apologies to my compatriots if my knitting this hat brought the rain gods out of hiding.

extra points if you can spot the biscuit crumb
I did the cabling without a cable needle, because I am a daredevil who likes an element of risk in her knitting. The yarn colour suits a blue-eyed boy, and I was going to try and get a picture of the young gentleman wearing it, but before I could, he had vomited on it approvingly. Fortunately this yarn is machine washable.


brittunia said...

You knitting rebel! Your yarny risk-taking has really paid off. You should make a pattern out of this and post it. It is goregous! Hopefully the little guy will vomit in approval next time..

rubbishknitter said...

thanks! I would write up a pattern, if I could think of a way of clearly explaining what I did - there was a lot of mid-air stitch juggling that would be quite difficult to communicate. Unless I videoed myself doing it. Making the whole hat. In real time. That would be fun to watch!! Imagine that's what you had to do instead of using patterns. I don't think knitting would have taken off in quite the same way...